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Starting the first round of the Bahrain National sprints “pheasant


Again will be lovers of speed and motor sport on a date with excitement and competition for track speed Bahrain International Circuit this weekend and with the launch of the new season of the tournament, and the launching of the first round and the opening round of Bahrain National sprints will be held this event organized by the club sprints (BDRC), which falls under the umbrella of the Bahrain Motor Federation and in cooperation with the Bahrain International Circuit.

The first events will begin the first round on Wednesday, October 17, current through effective “test and processing”, and would later Qualifying on Thursday, October 18, while kicks off the first round of the tournament on Friday, October 19 and seven o’clock in the evening.

It was emphasized that the first round of the tournament Bahrain National sprints will see the participation of many of the participants and competitors from Bahrain and the Gulf states such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates in order to compete and win titles the first round after turnout broad in rounds past seasons, which saw the participation of big drivers and fans that follow the tournament.

The second floor has been allocated in the control center sprints to the media and the press and members of the club to cover the event. The Bahrain International Circuit announced ticket prices of $ 3 dinars Batelco platform and for Altahillat day and race day and the price of a ticket on experiments Dinaran, and for children from age 3 to 15 years for half the price.

And participating in a tournament Bahrain National sprints Drag 11 categories for cars and motorcycles, and categories of cars participating in the tournament are 9 categories: Street V8, Street pay front and rear, Super Street Ott if front-wheel, Super Street RWD, Ott if rear, Compthn 7.5, Ott if 10.5, Bermd, either motorcycle categories are: Pike Street, Super Street Pike, Pro Pike. And called on the Bahrain International Circuit to attend masses and follow up the excitement in the first round of the Bahrain National sprints “Drag.”


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