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Pryor Design has a special look for the Audi R8

Has Pryor Design a lot of imagination to innovate models modified according to his views, and last Tarazach modified Audi R8, which bore the name of his name GT850, in exchange for 24.900 euros or 32.140 U.S. dollars can be turned car the R8 to what looks like a model R8 GT3 with this package.
The components of this package, it begins with an introduction include front diffuser of carbon fiber with improved air entrances, and there are aspects of “Skirts” Aarodenamikih with air inlet on the roof, and in the back we find there is a new shocking with dispersant addition to the air wing dominates the scene.
Customers can request this package with alloy wheels of ADV1 measuring 20 inches with tires from Continental, and also a sports exhaust system and increases in power demand for the V8 engine to produce 475 or 565 horsepower.

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