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Said the Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho to Chelsea that he would wait until the end of the season , so that determines the fate of the renewal of contracts for players , noting that he does not know what will be the future of the three- team veteran John Terry and Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole .

Mourinho said during his speech at the press conference of the match between Cardiff City in his last 38 round of the Premier League on Sunday : ” I do not know , but I do not think that this trio will play their last game with the Blues next Sunday .”

He added: ” Terry in negotiations now with the administration , Lampard is already possible to have played his last match , he is sick and lying in bed , is really a great player of the most important star blues history , I expect to find a statue of him soon after 5 years next to the star Peter Awsgod , Ashley and I do not know his fate . “

And the most important moments of the season, Mourinho said : ” Loss of Sunderland , I realized then that the whole thing was over , and also the penalty which gave judgment for cats and black , which ended a 77 match without a loss at Stamford Bridge , I think that the most important event in the season.”

He concluded Mourinho Speaking about the match Crystal Palace : “I do not enjoy the losses , but the loss to Crystal Palace is normal in English football , but in fact the loss the same way as Sunderland or Aston Villa is not English football , and I love English football , I do not like what is out their bases . “

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