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Judo Russia back to the path of the Olympic medals


Re judo Russia to the path of Olympic medals in London, on the first day of the biggest sporting tournament in the world.

And reaped Russian الأولميبية mission so far five medals, three of them in judo, next to one in swimming and another in weightlifting.

Noteworthy that Judo is a sport practiced by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who expressed his pleasure to perform for players of the sport in the Olympics, especially Mansour Aasiv who achieved a gold medal for his country in 73 kg weight.

The Kremlin, Putin sent a congratulatory message to the player that was “great feel proud and not just your lover judo but all Russian masses.”

Russia has sought to compete for at least third place in the medal tally, especially after it became the first position and the second confined between China and the United States.

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