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Cristiano Ronaldo: If it were up to me to vote for myself in the Golden Ball!!


Said the star of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo if he had it in his hand to vote for himself for a Golden Globe Award, which has previously obtained in 2008.

Cristiano said in an interview published tomorrow Magazine (France Football) completely, “I do not think that this is true for myself, but to all the players they will be presenting it.”

Ronaldo pointed out that the award should be the right player achieved great titles throughout last season, recalling that he succeeded in this with Real Madrid in the “toughest league in Europe,” referring to the Ouija.

Highlighted Ronaldo, who is entitled to vote in his capacity as commander of the Portuguese national team, he will vote in favor of the Spanish player at Real Madrid, did not reveal his identity because he has not made a final decision yet.

The player added, “The only thing that I am sure it is that I will vote for the player at Real Madrid and two others won big titles.”

He Ronaldo, on the other hand that for the decision is settled coach will give his voice to fellow Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho.

Abizaid and the player, “He is a professional coach and wonderful, and always seeks to achieve the best, he’s stronger, and this is shown not only in Spain but in all the journals in which they trail”.

The player on the other hand that “boredom” of comparison between him and Barcelona star, Lionel Messi, accusing the press of being “invented” enmity between them.

Ronaldo completed “It’s tiring, I do not like to be مقارنتي to any other player, there is no problem between me and Messi, I respect him a lot, I grew up in the club since he was young and shows for many years, it very well.”

He denied the player what is being said around him as a player individually, accusing the press also that it is the cause filmed this way, pointing out that he does not play for money, but for “love of football and the shirt worn by.”

Cristiano added “extreme modesty is not a good thing, in Portugal we have a saying much humility means nothing.”

Ronaldo said on the other hand he is not thinking of leaving for Real Madrid, showing lack of interest scattered rumors about the possibility of his departure to Paris Saint-Germain or any other club

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