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Batelco Racing team snatched the title of the first round of the karting championship to carry 12 hours


Launched the first round of championship karting to carry 12 hours from 2012 to 2013 will be held on Friday and Saturday, corresponding to 19 and 20 October 2012, organized by the Circuit Viva , and in collaboration with Club Bahrain كارتنج which is under the umbrella of the Bahrain Motor Federation.

And participated in the first round Ten of the teams and marked the first round challenge and competition to win the title of the first round of the tournament, started the competition the first round on Friday the launch of free trials followed Qualifying while off endurance race 12 hours at 9:00 pm, to 9:00 am on Saturday.

The results from the first round win team Batelco Racing first place and that Bsaúqa Gen. Mohammad Matar, dairy Varota, Ramez Azzam, and Rami Azzam and were able to register 548 cycle during the first round, while won the second place team Batelco Racing Mak.c Bsaúqa team are on بسلر Abdullah Bo Indian and Khalid courier and were able to record the same number of sessions of the Working winning first place, but a difference of 0.141 seconds.

And came in third place team “IAA” team of the Information Affairs Authority and registered 455 cycle Bsaúqa team are senior leader, Yahya Ali, Saeed standard, Moon Salim Sheikh Fawaz Al Khalifa. According to the fourth place team “MMC” Racing Team, and V. Saudi team Falcons, and VI team Delta Racing, and VII team Reaser Times, and in eighth place team Delta Racing Falcons, in ninth place team Bahrain International Circuit, in tenth place team Porsche Club of Bahrain.

It is worth mentioning that this is the first tournament of its kind which will be held on the track circuit Viva كارتنج that hosts many of the local karting championships. The second round of the karting championship carry in 15 and 16 March 2013 as bearing race for 24 hours.

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