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Arbeloa opens fire on Pique and defended strongly for Mourinho

Open player line of defense capital club Real Madrid and the Spanish right-back Alvaro Arbeloa Spanish team doors closed three seasons Mourinho with Real Madrid again , in an interview conducted with one of the magazines, which touched on some of the issues concerning the Portuguese .

Arbeloa , who was one of the players Almahbven in combination with the Portuguese club conducted a lengthy interview with the magazine ” Jute Down ” from which the Spanish denied that Jose Mourinho to be a relationship of near or far wrangling and animosities , which left the Spanish players in his first season with Real Madrid .

Said Arbeloa about that : “I still remember that season well and we lost five goals from Barcelona , things began to move towards bad since the festive Pique and referring to the masses of the riyal Balkhmasah and then made matters worse statements Barcelona players , in fact, that’s what matters worse , not Mourinho .. Some talking about Mourinho and that the cause of conflict, but hey , if those who say this do not know the history of the Clasico .. I do not know that the Clasico has always witnessed the hassle inside the stadium and brawls many , Mourinho , in fact, is not the reason behind this , but some people interpret things on a whim . “

He returned Arbeloa of a new tribute to the coach, the former said : “In his first season with us , we would have went on a trip to Los Angeles in the first game warm-up Mourinho coached then Champions Cup world like me and Casillas and others and coaching Ronaldo and Kaka, and a lot of big names , in that game we were late with two straight and will not believe what he said to us one time .. Mourinho said , and I quote that were not want to run on the pitch Valdkh will be suitable for you .. did not deliver one of Mourinho’s words at the time of us , this is revealed to us about the character of this unique coach , a coach who cares for the team and does not care which name matched .. really surprised because we did not imagine the day that the Pellegrini , for example, screaming in Ougena . “

He then went on Arbeloa to talk about last season Mourinho with Real Madrid and the deterioration of his relationship with some of the players and said : “In fact, yes , deteriorated relationship with Mourinho with the other but what was this to affect at all on our level on the pitch , we are professional enough to deal well with these problems and leave them outside the stadium , in the season we lost the league but we got to the cup final and semi-final of the Champions League , I can assure you that these problems did not affect the field, and our loss of Dortmund Qualifiers did not have anything to do with those problems among the players and the coach . “

He concluded by Alvaro Arbeloa Speaking to the magazine Spanish away from the walls of the Real Madrid and touching to talk about teammate Spaniard Diego Costa where praised Arbeloa capabilities enjoyed by Costa where he said Arbeloa : ” Diego Costa player fights on every ball , do not stop moving on the pitch and such a player I like the fact of the matter and I hope to play next to him one day , you may be surprised by some of this result Mchahanata speak with him in the matches between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, but this is a natural thing , when my opponent have to be stopped . “

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